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Away and Beyond

by A.E. Van Vogt

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Stories to thrill and delight you

Here is an author whose name is a sure guarantee of the most exciting and intriguing science fiction writing you can buy. The far ranging imagination of A.E. van Vogt will take you —

Thousands of years into the future!
Millions of years into the past!
Trillions of miles into outer space!

— and into other dimensions, galaxies and universes.

Here is one of the modern masters of science fiction stories of whom it can well be said: "van Vogt's formula is grandiose — imaginative, I love it all."
— Groff Conklin, Galaxy Magazine

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You will be enthralled — fascinated — captivated by stories such as these —

The Harmonizer — Eighty million years of history during which a strange creature struggles for survival.

Asylum — Poisoned by the rays of a far off sun they were doomed to wander the galaxy forever — immortal and implacable.

The Film Library — It was only a slight accident, but it momentarily upset the whole space-time structure of the universe.

The Great Engine — It came plunging out of space and into the green hillside — a thing of throbbing metal and of forces more potent than life itself.

These are but a few of the tales which will grip your attention and your imagination in this superb collection of stories by one of the leading practitioners of science fiction writing today.