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The Best of C.L. Moore

by C.L. Moore

Cover artist: The Brothers Hildebrandt

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1980

Cover price: $2.25


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The magic of C.L. Moore

Here in one volume are the 10 most moving stories of the legendary writer who combined mood, feeling and color to fashion science-fiction stories of wonder, beauty and high drama.

Northwest Smith was a hardened veteran of the spaceways who thought he could take on all comers ... then he met Shambleau!

Bright Illusion
He was cast into another universe where he found fear, love — and a god who knew all the answers but one!

The Black God's Kiss
Jirel of Joiry, maid of war, feared nothing on Earth or in her strange Hell — until she went there to seek revenge!

No Woman Born
She had been the most beautiful and most talented woman alive ... until fate left her with nothing but her indomitable will!

Vintage Season
It was the most beautiful autumn in a vintage year ... but the grapes were those of wrath!

— And five more gripping tales ... by a woman who captured the imagination and affection of three generations.

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