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The Best of Fritz Leiber

by Fritz Leiber

Cover artist: Michael Herring

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1979

Cover price: $2.25


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The Mystery and Magic of Fritz Leiber

A Pail of Air
On the iceworld that once was Earth, nothing could live ... but something moved...

The Night He Cried
Millane was a kiss-'em-and-kill-'em lover until he ran into an offworld lady with too much of everything!

Try and Change the Past
It can be done, but the result isn't what you'd think ... or like.

Space-Time for Springers
A feline Einstein with world-shaking plans clashes with a very mean little kid.

Coming Attraction
He rescued the girl from a gang of sadists ... but there are two sides to sadism...

There is no "typical" Fritz Leiber story — he is equally superb at lyric fantasy, outrageous satire, fast-paced action, and maddeningly ingenious plot twists — but these 22 tales, including the award-winning "Gonna Roll the Bones," display a small sample of the infinitely varied excellences of this consistently entertaining and surprising writer.

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