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The Best of Leigh Brackett

by Leigh Brackett

Cover artist: Boris Vallejo

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1977

Cover price: $1.95


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The Splendor of Leigh Brackett

Here in one extraordinary volume are ten of the most dazzling stories by the creator of the one and only Eric John Stark ... and of some of the most exotic worlds and spectacular adventures in Science fiction.

The Jewel of Bas
A shortcut had led two young Martian lovers to an immortal god, an android army, a gem of life — and almost certain death!

The Veil of Astellar
It was the crushing terror of the Alien Beyond — a light that swallowed ships, a light that came from a world outlawed from space and time — into which one man would lead the innocents!

The Moon that Vanished
It was a fallen Venusian satellite. Few men had ever reached it, but it had somehow drawn three tormented being to a special madness and to an island of smiling death!

The Woman from Altair
She was David's beautiful bride from another world — but more than love had forged her vow that not until death would they part!

Plus Enchantress of Venus, one of the greatest Eric John Stark adventures of all time.

— And lots more!

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