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Tomorrow's Gift

by Edmund Cooper

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Ten stories of the future (seven of them completely original — first publication in this volume!) by the brilliant young author of Deadly Image

Back cover text

A Ballantine "First"...

Britain has produced many fine writers of science fiction, and Ballantine Books has consistently published the finest, notably Arthur Clarke, Harold Mead, John Wyndham — to name a few. And here is

Edmund Cooper...
A rising star in Britain, and a Ballantine "First" — with the recent publication of his first novel, Deadly Image, and now Tomorrow's Gift, the first volume of his collected short stories, seven of which are completely original in this country.

Cooper belongs to that school of writing which is primarily imaginative — he likes to wander far in space, is fascinated by the riddle of time; and in many of these stories he writes provocatively stimulating variations in answer to a challenge as yet unsolved by man. But Mr. Cooper has the good writer's ability to translate the overall largeness of his themes into strongly personal terms. Moreover, in the widely varying scope provided by this group of stories, he displays a delightful talent for dry, understated humor, and a keen awareness of human values.

Keep your eye on Mr. Cooper.

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Interior text

The Riddle of Time...

Here are stories of strange worlds, and stranger beings; of robots on this Earth, and off it; of Man's newest element — space.

But space is only the stepping-stone to another element — time.

And Time is full of strange tricks.

So here also are richly imaginative tales of man's destiny in space — and in time; of one man who disconcertingly finds he is a ghost in the future before he has died in the present; of another who is trapped by time, in a most literal sense; of a third who is gloriously freed by time — and of men whose courage and drive to discover new dimensions forces them into a passage through time.