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Sanctuary in the Sky

by John Brunner

Cover artist: Basil Gogos

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Who Ruled the Neutral World?

Back cover text

Part of Ace Double: The Secret Martians

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Interior text

The Island Between Worlds

A cold war among the stars was growing hotter by the minute. As Pag and Cathrodyne struggled for domination, a hot war threatened which would rend and annihilate whole planetary systems. The two master races would have consumed one another long ago, but for one single factor:

Waystation. It was a stupendous synthetic world, famed throughout the galaxy. For Waystation was controlled by a neutral people, and until the greater powers could seize this strategic wonder planet and ferret out its secrets, they were doomed to fretful inactivity.

But as a Cathrodyne vessel drew near to Waystation, the all-important balance of power stood in sudden peril. The ship in itself was routine. But on board was a stranger, a man of undiscovered race, who spoke too little, and, it appeared, knew too much....

Cast of Characters

A servant's life could crackle with excitement — when he served a double master.

A splendid figure of a woman, she filed her teeth dog-wise and locked her male pursuers in a cage.

Capodistro Ferenc
What was this notorious jingoist doing with a woman from the enemy camp?

As scientist and patriot, he was torn by conflicting loyalties.

His priestly calling did not curtail a life of sensual exploit.

Captain Raige
This cool little woman performed the hottest task in space.

Was this strange, soft-spoken man no more than an adventurer?