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The Planet of the Double Sun

by Neil R. Jones

Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

The first saga of the Zoromes — a cosmic series in the grand manner!

Back cover text

Beyond the death of the Earth

Professor Jameson, the most brilliant scientist of his day, arranged to have his perfectly preserved body encased in a super-scientific tomb orbiting the Earth forever. But the Jameson Satellite was discovered countless millennia in the future by the incredible machine men of Zor, and Professor Jameson was brought back to life through their advanced knowledge.

He found that Earth and all of humanity had been gone for eons, that he was the last man alive — and the Zoromes were offering to make him one of them, a nearly immortal being of metal, wandering throughout the Universe in search of adventure!

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Interior text

A classic of star exploration

The space-exploration adventures of Professor Jameson have been the star features of many science-fiction magazines since almost the dawn of such periodicals. Truly, it can be stated that the Jameson series of Neil R. Jones has been the longest running continuous character adventure series in the history of science-fiction, never failing to hold the attention and enthusiasm of readers.

In THE PLANET OF THE DOUBLE SUN, Ace Books presents the start of this terrific series. Here Professor Jameson first makes contact with that amazing star-travelling race, the immortal metal men of Zor, joins their ranks and encounters his first terrific adventures — on a planet of two suns whose triped inhabitants pose a problem in space exploration that threatened to end the professor's career before it had barely started!