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The Sunless World

by Neil R. Jones

Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Trapped in the caverns of an exploding planet!

Back cover text

Adventure beyond time and space

Forty million years after the death of Earth, one man's brilliant mind lives on — although strangely encased in an indestructible metal body of a Zorome. Professor Jameson and the machine men of Zor continue their danger-laden explorations of the wonders of the infinite universe:

In the kelp cities of a watery hydrosphere planet they encounter the race of the Plekne fish-men, eternally enslaved by the alien Uchke....

In the core of a hollow world, the Zoromes discover a cavern of bones, picked clean by the flesh-devouring predators who feed upon the humanoid Aytans....

And through the marvels of a time machine, Professor Jameson views the mausoleum of his planet's history: from the glorious birth of Earth as it splits from Sol, to its ultimate devastated end....

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Interior text

Wanderer from dark space

The strange planet which appeared on the detectors of the Zoromes' spaceship was a complete enigma to the cosmos-exploring machine men. Apparently it did not belong to the solar system through which it was now passing, but instead had been hurled forth into the depths between the stars in some long-past catastrophe.

Professor Jameson and his metal comrades landed on the sunless world and explored deep inside its cavern-honeycombed interior. But then came the warning of disaster from the Zoromes who had remained on the surface:

The sunless world was going to crash into another planet — and there was not enough time for the Zoromes to escape!