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Space War

by Neil R. Jones

Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

The last Earthman holds the balance of power in a war between machine-men

Back cover text

Space War

The Zoromes had found a way to immortality and thereby were able to set out on centuries-long explorations of the entire galaxy. One among the Zoromes was a human, Professor Jameson, last man of Earth, and his adventures make a saga second to none.

The Zoromes had made one mistake in their scientific history — they had helped another race of beings to change over into machine bodies — the Mumes of the world Mumed. But unlike Jameson, the Mumes did not join in fellowship with Zor. Rather instead they turned on their benefactors, schemed for greater power, and finally the two super-races of machine-men became the bitterest of enemies.

In SPACE WAR, Professor Jameson finds himself in the thick of a war of the worlds....

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Interior text

Peril among the stars

Professor Jameson and the metal-encased Zorome machine men were not affected by ordinary perils — until they met with two varieties of metal eaters:

The Mumes of Mumed, treacherous machine-beings of Zorome creation, who rebelled against the mother world, and who devised a deadly weapon to disintegrate the defenses of Zor.

And the slug-like ohbs of the sixth planet, who lived on metal somehow digested from the intricate caverns they ate into the vast mines of this strange world. Nothing was more tempting to these creatures of instinct than pure refined metal — like the kind Zoromes were made of. Instant death was waiting for the immortal explorers unless some way could be found out of the ohbs' labyrinthine dining room....