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Twin Worlds

by Neil R. Jones

Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

The Zoromes launch a war for the freedom of two planets

Back cover text

World of no return

When the star-travelling machine men of Zor discovered the twin-world system of Dlasitap, they thought it only a curios astronomical phenomenon. But when they landed on one of those planets, they discovered a world ruled by harsh tyranny, and encountered the rightful leader of these two worlds, who was now confined in exile.

The Zoromes' fight to overthrow the double-planet usurpers is an exciting tale of action and boundless imagination that ranks with the best of the famous Professor Jameson series.

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Interior text

The mysterious marauders

Below the spaceship of the Zoromes lay a crude alien city, a vast assemblage of rambling huts. A very high and thick wall surrounded the city, and this brought curiosity from the star-travelers.

"A wall is usually meant to keep something inside or else outside. Being around a city, I should say it is to keep something out."

"The something must be a colossus to require a wall as large as that one."

"Not necessarily a colossus. The wall may require special height to keep out a type of creature whose natural facilities enable it to jump very high — or the menace may carry means of climbing."

But even as the Zoromes spoke, the monstrous creatures that threatened this peaceful alien settlement were approaching, unseen. And they presented a danger so incredible that the men of Zor could never have guessed its nature!