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Doomsday on Ajiat

by Neil R. Jones

Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1968

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Even the machine men of Zor could not withstand this holocaust

Back cover text

The planet of monsters

When a sun goes nova, the tremendous explosion of its awesome energies destroys all life on the planets surrounding it. So when the Zoromes discovered that the sun of Ajiat would burst into nova in just a few days, they determined to explore the planet and warn any friendly life-forms that might exist there.

But instead of friendship the Zoromes met only savagery, as the brutish inhabitants of this heavy-gravity world attacked their exploring parties. Huge creatures of the air and ground threw themselves at the machine men, and the beasts' power was so great that it overwhelmed even the Zoromes.

Professor Jameson and his comrades found themselves imprisoned on a planet which faced fiery destruction at any minute!

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Interior text

Captured by monstrous aliens

When morning came, the bulking creatures that had chased the Zoromes in the dark suddenly attacked.

They moved with large, easy bounds, covering the ground with such amazing swiftness that the machine men were scarcely aware of their danger before they found themselves surrounded.

The things towered fully fifty feet in the air. They stood on legs which resembled a small forest of tree trunks suddenly grown up around the Zoromes. Their jaws were armed with long fangs.

And suddenly Professor Jameson felt himself seized and lifted up to one of those terrifying faces!...