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Savage Pellucidar

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cover artist: Frank Frazetta

Publisher: Ace

Pub year:

Cover price: 60¢


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The last adventure of David Innes at the Earth's Core

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Savage Pellucidar

Here is the first new Burroughs novel to appear in fifteen years. It is also the last and possibly one of the best of his terrific accounts of the world at the Earth's Core, the primitive land of Pellucidar.

Bringing home-made aircraft into the land of the eternal sun brought disaster to its daring makers even while it opened up ever stranger lands and ever fiercer peoples. SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR is a novel of courage and peril in a world of wonders.

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Interior text

A lost airship, a lost empress, a lost world

Abner Perry had invited the Iron Mole which dug into the crust of the Earth to plunge into the hollow interior world, eternally lit by a central sun, and inhabited by cavemen and cave beasts. This was Pellucidar, and in it, Abner and his friend David Innes carved themselves an empire.

Abner's introduction of aeronautics into SAVAGE PELLUCIDAR was to plunge David and his primitive empress, Dian into the dangers of a series of new adventures among the unexplored lands and unnamed tribes. This is top-notch adventure — and also the last novel of Pellucidar that Edgar Rice Burroughs ever wrote.