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The Abominable Earthman

by Frederik Pohl

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 50¢


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A new collection by a master of science fiction

Back cover text

Frederik Pohl writes top-flight science fiction in so many areas that it is sometimes difficult to select what is best among such thickets of barbed humor. Nevertheless in the course of ten years, Ballantine Books has managed to publish six collections of pure, undiluted Frederik Pohl:

Alternating Currents
The Case Against Tomorrow
Tomorrow Times Seven
The Man Who Ate the World
Turn Left at Thursday

And now

The Abominable Earthman

Anyone lucky enough to have obtained the above now owns many stories which have become classics in the field (not to mention his novels, since they are mentioned inside). And, for three good reasons, there will be more.

Because Mr. Pohl continues to write...

Because we are firmly devoted to the best in science fiction...

And because we are particularly enchanted with a future which envisions us wandering hand-in-hand with Fred Pohl into the slightly acidulated sunset of his wonderful imagination.

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Interior text

In which, with characteristic satire, Fred Pohl deals with:

The over-population problem

An extra-terrestrial observer who is delighted to find that hunters on Earth are terribly sporting


What happens to the Sirians when they invade Earth

Human cussedness

A scientist with a conscience

And a most peculiar impregnation


The Abominable Earthman
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