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Star Bridge

by Jack Williamson and James E. Gunn

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 35¢


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Book detail for Star Bridge

Cover tagline

"This fast-moving novel should find many enthusiasts among science —fiction readers."
— The New York Times

Back cover text

"One of the best," said Astounding Science Fiction of STAR BRIDGE

It was the greatest empire of them all, spanning light-years, gathering in the stars with a golden net. World after world — star after star — all were snared together in a web of shimmering, golden tracery. Each gleaming strand was a tube, the communications that turned the harsh, metallic planet of Eron into the Empire, a bridge between the stars, flung across the wide, dark rivers of space....

"Alan Horn, perhaps the last of the soldiers of fortune, fighting the dictatorship of Eron to a dramatic climax, Peter Sair, who had been called The Liberator, and the strange little man 'who could plan in terms of centuries and cultures and races, and live to see those plans reach fruition' — are personalities in what is definitely a movie possibility.... Fast-moving and suspense-filled!"
—Fantastic Universe

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Interior text

They caught a universe in their net!

No planet could successfully revolt against the stranglehold of Eron unless it could discover the secret of the Tubes — the Tubes that enmeshed a galaxy in their devouring embrace and made a three-hours journey of three hundred light-years.

Alan Horn had nothing to lose except his life, and that wasn't worth very much to him. He was homeless and hunted, one against the universe. That's why he could thumb his nose at fate, and dare to attempt the impossible: the assassination of the ruler of Eron's empire. But what Alan Horn didn't know was that he was just a pawn in a plot as vast as the light-years that the Tubes encircled.

Cast of characters

Alan Horn
His own efforts to escape resulted in a battle for the freedom of all mankind.

Without his parrot he would die; with her he was immortal.

Wendre Kohlnar
She was heiress to the universe — and to the secret of the Tubes.

Peter Sair
No liberator ever brought freedom to a greater empire.

He was the watchdog of Eron.

No man but Horn had ever trusted this renegade pirate.