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The Best of Lester del Rey

by Lester del Rey

Cover artist: H.R. Van Dongen

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1978

Cover price: $1.95


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The Pyrotechnics of Lester del Rey

SF's most protean personality — writer, editor, critic, publisher — sets off an incomparable fireworks display in these tales of robots and humans, animals and aliens, ghosts and gods, science and the supernatural.

Helen O'Loy
If you want an ideal mate, build her!

Hereafter, Inc.
This is Heaven? The hell it is!

Little Jimmy
The invisible kid was a ghost, for sure. But whose?

The robots labored to recreate the extinct human species — but there was only one element they somehow left out.

For I am a Jealous People
"In God We Trust" is a great motto — until you find you can't.

— And lots more!

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Interior text

The last man on Earth was dead...

Sam saw to his burial, reciting scraps of the funeral service his robot brain has stored.

He sat down then where Smithers had died, staring at the world where no man had lived or would ever live again. The knot in his brain complex grew stronger and colder. Somewhere, out among the stars, was the enemy that had destroyed Man — and a debt of justice to be paid.

The computer could be programmed to build a thousand more robots. And Sam would be there to tell them the story of Man, the glory of the race, and the savage treachery that had robbed the universe of that race.

They would comb the entire galaxy for the enemy if they had to. And, some day, Man would be avenged....