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The Best of Murray Leinster

by Murray Leinster

Cover artist: H.R. Van Dongen

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1978

Cover price: $1.95


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The Manifold Marvels of Murray Leinster

Sidewise in Time
He fled through worlds where dinosaurs were ravaging Ohio ... Rome ruled America ... and the Vikings staged raids on New England.

One way a small nation can win a war is to lose it ... fast!

The Power
The Middle Ages could be a frustrating time ... especially if you were an alien.

Proxima Centauri
The plant-men welcomed the humans; after all, they were very hungry!

First Contact
When man meets alien in the depths of space, who can trust whom?

Classic space adventure, deft humor, sweeping imagination, scientific extrapolation — all the facets of one of the greatest SF writers of all time are displayed in 13 fabulous stories.

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Ask Your Logic

The logics maintenance man turned away from the screen in bewilderment. Nobody had told him about the new service of the giant computer-communicator complex. And it didn't make sense....

"There's gonna be a lot of complaints," he called out to the rest of the work crew. "Suppose a fella asks how to get rid of his wife, and the censor circuits block the question?"

"Why not punch for it and see what happens?"

Just for the fun of it he did — and on the logic screen appeared all the details: the poison, how to administer it, why he would never be suspected.

The screen went blank — and the maintenance boss yelled, "Check your censor circuits — but quick!"

For there was a logic in every home — now ready and willing to give foolproof instructions for gratifying any wish anyone might have!