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Mind Partner and 8 Other Novelets from Galaxy

Edited by H.L. Gold

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Perma

Pub year: 1961

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Nine fascinating tales of the world beyond tomorrow

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In this collection:

Mind Partner
A persistent and unusual dope ring is broken

The Lady Who Sailed the Soul
Romance in the days of the first space sailors

The Stentorii Luggage
An outerspace motto is proven true

Bear bests man in a tale of alien confrontation

The Sly Bungerhop
If Mr. Colmer had only had his eyeglasses

Wry space opera featuring dictators for hire

The Civilization Game
Strange playthings for a little boy

The Hardest Bargain
These aliens play rough

With Redfern on Capella XII
The earth man's not for burning

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Interior text

Are you tired of reading the same old stories about boy meets girl? Do you pick up your favorite magazine and wonder why the fiction you find there no longer quite seems to satisfy? Do you ever long for the excitement of a world that is not constricted to the present? Have you ever yearned to see what lies beyond the frontiers — not of yesterday but of the day after the day after tomorrow?

Within these pages you will find nine fascinating, thrilling stories of strange people and even stranger adventures in the parallel worlds that are on the verge of exploration. But wait — are they so fantastic? Read them and see for yourself and discover that some of the best writing today — vivid, compelling, entertaining — is not bound by the worn out formulas of the past but by the rich imagination of what may lie in the path of the next space shot!