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Doctor Who and the Tomb of the Cybermen

by Gerry Davis

Cover artist: Jeff Cummins

Publisher: Target

Pub year: 1982

Cover price: $2.25


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The Cybermen — silver, indestructible monsters whose only goal is power — seem to have disappeared from their planet, Telos. When a party of archaeologists, joined by the Doctor, Jamie, and Victoria, land on the Cybermen's barren, deserted planet, they uncover what appears to be their tomb.

But once inside it becomes clear that the Cybermen are not dead, and some in the group of archaeologists desperately want to re-activate these monsters! How can the Doctor defeat these ruthless, power-seeking humans and the Cybermen?

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Interior text

Based on the BBC television serial The Tomb of the Cybermen by Gerry Davis and Kit Pedler by arrangement with the British Broadcasting Corporation.