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by H.B. Fyfe

Cover artist: Ralph Brillhart

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 40¢


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Book detail for D-99

Cover tagline

When the interstellar diplomats and the space fleets can't handle the job, it's up to D-99

Back cover text

Earthmen in Trouble

Harris was caged in an underwater "zoo" by a pack of blue lobsters.

Maria drew a five-year sentence on a puritanical planet for trying to buy a souvenir — and for being excessively feminine.

Taranto & Meyers had committed the crime of being shipwrecked on a planet that didn't like strangers.

Gerson was simply kidnapped — and nobody had any idea why.

Five citizens of Terra were being held on other worlds — and the ultra-secret Department 99 existed only to set them, and others like them, free.

This tense novel is the story of one evening's work for Department 99 — their successes and failures — and of the strangest crisis that almost wrecked D-99.

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Interior text

Rockets slammed past — just missing the tall, gaunt man who dodged down the stairs of the Earth Embassy. A figure loomed in a doorway and he snapped off a quick blaster shot at it — missed.

He'd killed one man, wounded others — and was carrying papers stolen from the secret Embassy files. They had to stop him — but they couldn't!

And, world's away, the men of Department 99 watched on their galaxy-spanning view screen ... knowing they were responsible for this disaster — and powerless to do anything about it!