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The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun

by Raymond Z. Gallun

Cover artist: H.R. Van Dongen

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1978

Cover price: $1.95


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Riding the Star Winds with Raymond Z. Gallun

The dramatic vigor and narrative exuberance of the golden age of science fiction make these stories a delight for readers who can relish high adventure, dazzling leaps of the imagination, and vivid portrayals of humans and aliens confronting a universe stranger than either can imagine.

Old Faithful
If you've got to get to Earth, hitch a ride on a comet. One of the all-time great sf stories!

Davey Jones' Ambassador
Only the curiosity of his undersea captors kept him alive ... at least for the moment.

Godson of Almarlu
Unlimited power for all Mankind could be theirs ... the only cost was the total destruction of Earth!

Seeds of the Dusk
The descendants of Man had their dreams of conquest — and so did the alien spores that sailed through the void toward Earth.

The Shadow of the Veil
To the natives of the primitive planet, he was a vengeful god — but there was just one thing he didn't know about them....

— And lots more!

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Interior text

Number 774, Old Faithful

In forty days he would fie.

The laws of Mars were strict and unquestioned, and no one had ever rebelled against them. Number 774 had lived the allotted span fixed by the Rulers, and his contribution to society was not valuable enough for him to be granted an extension. Of what use was his discovery and study of intelligent life on the third planet out from the sun.

Death held no terror for Number 774 — but he could not die before he fulfilled his life's work. All he had to do was invent the concept of space flight and construct an interplanetary ship ... within forty days!