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Star Gate

by Andre Norton

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 45¢


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"Star Gate may well be Andre Norton's best book yet. It's a complex tale of adventures on a remote planet in several alternate universes, so that the protagonists find themselves at times battling with their own evil selves-as-they-might-have-been — a concept that sounds confusing, but is crystal clear as Andre Norton sets it forth. Her inimitably vigorous storytelling and sense of high emprise are heightened here by a delicate touch of mysticism — and by the creation in the hero's pet mord, of the most fascinating alien animal since Heinlein's Star Lummox."

— New York Herald-Tribune

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Interior text

Says the Chicago Tribune:

"When young Kincar, who was of mixed Gorthian and Star blood, followed the Star Lords through the shimmering Star Gate that permits transmigration in time, he found himself in a Gorth entirely different from the one he had known. At first, the people looked the same; but he found they were his foes, not his friends. They were the people his friends would have become if they had made different choices at crucial moments. The clash between the two co-existing sets of characters is full of violent action and reaction.

"Andre Norton writes with great depth of the possible worlds that might exist had other paths been taken. One of the most provocative of the current crop of science-fiction books."

Says the Detroit Times:

"Science-fiction fans will eat this one up!"