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The Wonder War

by Laurence M. Janifer

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

Disguised Earthmen invade an alien planet — on a strange and secret mission

Back cover text

War on Wh'Gralb


Enemy rockets roared toward their targets ... and floated gently into an uninhabited swamp.

A cloud of poison gas billowed over the troops ... and they all fell peacefully asleep for eight hours.

Loyal troops fired on the populace ... and out of their rifles came banners with the word BANG!

The generals studied their field maps ... and laid plans for a League of Love.

What a hell of a way to fight a war. No one was winning, no one was losing. A soldier or civilian couldn't get himself killed if he tried.... And the planet of Wh'Gralb, noted for the ferocity of its wars, was going out of its collective mind trying to find out WHY.

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Interior text

The Overdogs had the toughest assignment in the Galaxy. Their manual of instructions weighed two pounds, but the basic policy was simple:

  1. Stop war.
  2. Stop any war in the inhabited Galaxy without favoring either side, or allowing either side to win.
  3. Stop any war in the inhabited Galaxy without allowing bloodshed unless absolutely necessary.
  4. It had better not be absolutely necessary.

The Terra-like planet of Wh'Gralb looked like a routine job for the Overdogs — until one Overdog agent got trapped and found he had to mastermind the war he had sworn to stop!