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Who Goes There? And Other Stories

by John W. Campbell, Jr.

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Dell

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 35¢


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Shocking, Suspenseful Science Fiction

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John W. Campbell, Jr. has done more than anyone else alive to put science into science-fiction. As editor of Astounding Science Fiction magazine — a job he has held since 1937 — he encouraged and introduced to the reading public such present-day masters in this field as Robert Heinlein, Lewis Padgett, Isaac Asimov, Theodore Sturgeon, and many others. Twice — in 1947 and again in 1954 — he has been guest of honor at the World Science-Fiction Convention — the only person to have been accorded this distinction more than once. And he has written some memorable stories, the best of which are collected in this book.

These six stories are classics of their kind: Out of Night, Twilight, Who Goes There? Blindness, Cloak of Aesir, Night.

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Who Goes There?...
Suspense in the Antarctic: a lonely, isolated station in the frozen wastes; thirty-seven men; and a thirty-eighth BEING which joins them, to their terror — and their decimation.

The time is millions of years in the future. Men have forgotten their greatness; they live, lonely and puzzled, in the immense majesty of their ancestors' accomplishments.

The end of the universe ... a sun red and cold ... an earth ruined and without life ... a night sky almost devoid of the eternal stars.

The great scientist spent a lifetime searching for a way to set the world free from its age-old problem of power. He found that way — but could he see it?

The Story of Aesir...
Two parts, OUT OF NIGHT and CLOAK OF AESIR, tell of a time when men are enslaved by an alien race which respects only the might of the atomic generator, ignoring the ancient power of the human mind.