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Soldier, Ask Not

by Gordon R. Dickson

Cover artist: Paul Lehr

Publisher: Dell

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 60¢


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A vaulting and imaginative novel of the very real future — when men have colonized the inhabitable planets of the Universe....

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Soldier, Ask Not ... and they never did. They were black-clad mercenaries, responsible only to their employer and their God. They coldly executed Tam Olyn's brother-in-law before his eyes.

Olyn's quest for vengeance took him across half the civilized worlds — to far Cassida, New Earth, bustling Frieland; to the political planet, St. Marie — and then back to Old Earth again.

He met men of all the splinter groups into which Mankind had evolved and he used them to further his ends — until Padma the Exotic, and Lisa the Mystic taught him how to use his special powers — and the enormous knowledge of the Final Encyclopedia....

Gordon Dickson is known to all readers of science-fiction — this is his finest and most exciting novel.

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Interior text

Hugo Award Winner

If the title of this book should seem familiar it is because one-third of it, as a novella, won the Hugo Award, the Pulitzer Prize of Science-Fiction. This one-third has not been expanded; rather it has been added to the remaining two-thirds of the complete story to form this most unusual, exciting and never-before-published novel — Soldier, Ask Not.