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The Shrinking Man

by Richard Matheson

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 60¢


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No doctor in the world could stop it...

The man's name was Scott Carey. Eighteen months earlier, he had begun to shrink. He was seven inches tall the week the door swung shut, and the cellar of his house became a terrifying prison. He was six inches tall the day the Black Widow spider swung down from the shadows and came scrambling across the floor at him on giant, spiny legs...

The incredible story of a nightmare world — The Shrinking Man

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Interior text

Naked Terror

He turned happily — and then he cried out, the sound of it echoing through the huge, empty cellar.

The giant spider was hanging across the top edge of the block, waiting for him ... For a single moment their eyes met. He stood frozen in horror. Then one of the long black legs stirred.

He ran, all thought swallowed in the savage maw of panic. The pain in his leg was gone, his exhaustion was washed away — only naked terror remained. There was no need to look back. He knew the great swollen body was wobbling erratically over the cement after him.

He fell. With a sob he pushed up but he fell again. Then one of the spider's legs fell heavily across his ankle — and then the rest of it clambered all over him.

"Die!" he heard himself scream at it. "Die! Die!"