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Logan's Run

by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson

Cover artist: William Hofmann

Publisher: Dell

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 75¢


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Cover tagline

The most brilliantly imaginative science fiction novel since 2001... Soon to be a major movie!

Back cover text

The youth rebellion had triumphed...

The young long since had taken over Earth. Sex, drugs, kicks were unlimited. But the trip from groove to grave was quick. No one was allowed to live past 21.

Logan was a Sandman, one of the elite police who hunted those who refused to accept their fate. Then Logan turned 21 — and suddenly he was desperately running, searching, in a world of cities beneath the sea, frozen Arctic prison colonies, great hollowed-out mountains, abandoned cities...

...through a labyrinth of terror that lay between him and safety ... between him and ultimate triumph....

"Strange ... weird ... fearsome ... calculated to keep you awake all night"
—Baltimore Sun

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Interior text


Perhaps it was only a legend, this place called Sanctuary; where human beings could live out their lives, even after the crystal flowers in their palms had turned from red to black and they were marked for death...

...a legend as the man named Ballard was one, the man who somehow had escaped execution to lead the secret resistance to the reign of youth that had turned Earth into a planet of orgiastic pleasure and creeping fear...

Logan had to find out — fast. For the Sandmen were closing in on him — with their homing guns that could not miss, and their fanatical loyalty to their mission of legal murder....