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Flash Gordon: The Time Trap of Ming XIII

by Alex Raymond and Con Steffanson

Cover artist: George Wilson

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1974

Cover price: 95¢


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The Time Trap of Ming XIII is the fourth in the series of fabulous novels inspired by the famous comic strip Flash Gordon, read daily and Sunday by millions of fans throughout the world.

After his scientists design the Tempendulum, a machine that can transport people backward and forward through generations of time, Ming XIII sends his evil henchmen back to change the course of history by assassinating Flash Gordon. After a series of hair-raising adventures, Flash turns the tables on Ming's men and propels them back to their own century.

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Interior text


"We're going to crash!" screamed Dale, "Look out!"

Flash tore at the wheel frantically. The jetcar did not respond.

He could hear the cacophony of tortured metal, then the smash of plyoglass, the burning of plyolact left on the copolypetrol surface, and the wrenching screech of impact as they hit.

The giant forest plants above them wavered. The plyoglass windscreen seemed to melt like ice sheets in a nuclear blast. The zarcar turned over on the forest growth and came to a shuddering, jolting halt.

"Flash!" screamed Dale.

Then there was absolute silence.