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Galaxy Mission

by Edmond Hamilton

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Popular Library

Pub year:

Cover price: 60¢


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Cover tagline

In the fantastic city of eternal youth, Captain Future is trapped by the Master of Evil

Back cover text

Elixir of Evil

They called him the Life-Lord and the deadly milk-white elixir that his syndicate pushed was called Lifewater.

As promised, Lifewater brought youth to the old. Women who were losing their once cherished beauty, men who were losing their strength gave their life's savings for a vial of the magic substance. What they did not know was that the powerful brew could cause sudden and violent death.

As the fatal youth epidemic spreads throughout the Solar System, Captain Future battles with time and danger to save his fellow beings from doom — only to find himself trapped in a master fiend's plot to conquer the solar system.

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Interior text

Fleeting Youth — Sudden Death

Wilson Webber was lead into the President's office by Halk Anders, commander of the Planet Police.

"Here's our man, sir." Reported Anders. "He's been embezzling huge sums from the Government treasury. He's been buying Lifewater..."

"Lifewater?" The President looked pityingly at the trapped man. "Why did you do it?"

"I was crazy to do it sir. But I was getting old and there was a girl I loved. The wonderful elixir made me young. Then, a few days ago the Lifewater vendor came back and told me the effects were only temporary. That unless I had more I'd die..."

Suddenly a shrill terrible scream came from Wilson Webber. His face grew wrinkled, his hair whitened, he slumped to the floor in pain and died...