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by A.E. Van Vogt

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Paperback Library

Pub year: 1965

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Science-fiction stories of cosmic horror in strange worlds of time and space — by the author of Slan and Two Hundred million A.D.

Back cover text

Beware! Monsters at work!

Prepare to have your flesh crawl with terror, your heart pound with fear, your eyes grow wide in horror as a host of hideous things — some hairy, some finned, some scaly, some metal (and some so strange they cannot be described in any Earth language!) — crowd in on you in the darkness of the night. Ordinarily these creatures lurk in hidden places of other planets, other dimensions, other time tracks. But they all come to frightening life in the wondrous pages of this hair-raising science-fiction collection.

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Interior text

Science-fiction to chill the cockles of your heart

Herewith a brilliant, exciting collection of the most original and scarifying tales of monsterdom by the great A.E. Van Vogt. Mr. Van Vogt truly needs no more of an introduction to the members of s-f fandom. But for those coming upon The Master's work for the first time in this volume, prepare to be entertained and thrilled as you never have before. Monsters is vintage Van Vogt, the great man at the top of his form.

Forrest J. Ackerman, the editor of Monsters, is an international authority on science-fiction and monsters. He is the editor of two other Paperback Library best sellers: Famous Monsters of Filmland and Son of Famous Monsters of Filmland.