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Shadows with Eyes

by Fritz Leiber

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Six tales of crawling horror

Back cover text

Horror Comes in Many Guises...

...not all of them easily recognizable — at least not as easily as the conventional ghoul, or witch, or ghost.

Fritz Leiber is a past master of terrifyingly unrecognizable phantoms — unrecognizable, that is, until too late....

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Interior text

What lies beyond?

Far beyond the known worlds of scientific research, beyond the semi-known worlds of psi-measuring and psychic investigation and even beyond the dark, tangled cloud of unexplained supernatural phenomena, there still lurks an utterly unknown region, eerie and ghostly, wrapped in mystery.

This is a region Fritz Leiber believes in — a region of untold power, spanning past and future, always with us in our present, and filled with deadly enchantment for the curious in mind. For the creatures of this world do not recognize good or evil; they take what they want from humans and — sometimes — they make a man into something more, or less, than human. Once in a while we catch a glimpse of this beyond, we see the dim eyes in a dimmer shape; once in a while, through writers like Fritz Leiber, we know the terror of blackness, profound and impenetrable, we feel the struggle against drowning in malignant dark. And most of all, we know that IT IS THERE.