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Seekers of Tomorrow

by Sam Moskowitz

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 95¢


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Masters of modern science fiction

Back cover text

What is the shape of the future?

Who are the men who can, and do, use their imaginations with analytical brilliance to make all possible futures a reality?

What is the talent, the imaginative power, these men and women bring to their work that makes it possible for them to project themselves thousands of years beyond our time — and to take their readers along with them?

Sam Moskowitz, "science fiction's leading historian," discusses the authors who have contributed most to a picture of worlds the Earth will some day know — the voyagers to the stars, the dreamers of dreams, the most exciting writing and writers of our time.

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Interior text

Sam Moskowitz, noted authority on the history of science fiction, addresses himself to a biographical and critical study of twenty-two authors widely acclaimed as the leading creators of science fiction in the last twenty-five years.

He begins with a discussion of the "bridge" authors — Edward E. Smith, John W. Campbell, Murray Leinster, and Edmond Hamilton — who continued the work of the nineteenth-century greats, and in so doing laid the foundation for science fiction of the present.

The study is rich with references to many other authors, and to specific "milestone" works. From these, and from the detailed analyses of the twenty-two major authors, emerge the pattern and shape of modern science fiction.

A special reference index has been created for this edition, making it an invaluable basic work on the most important and prophetic writing of our time.