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Rocket Manual for Amateurs

by Bertrand R. Brinley

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 75¢


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The complete, authoritative handbook for safe procedures in

of rockets which you can make yourself

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Written expressly for you, Rocket Manual for Amateurs is a compact, clearly-written handbook that gives accurate, step-by-step instructions — including drawings, diagrams, and mathematical data — on every phase of designing, building and firing your own rocket.

As an introduction to the science of rocketry. And as a guide to safe and legal rocket procedures, Rocket Manual for Amateurs is a unique and indispensible book.

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Interior text

In little more than two decades, rocketry has advanced from an experimental science fostered by amateurs to vast governmental programs that have already succeeded in putting satellites into orbit around the Earth, sent rockets out beyond the Moon, and will soon probe further into space.

Yet astonishing as this progress has been, it represents only the first step in the exploration of a new scientific frontier. To support and maintain the rocket programs of the United States will require the best thinking of thousands of young scientists and technicians.

In private industry and in government, the search for such creative minds is pursued as a matter of urgent necessity. Captain Brinley, as Director of the 1st Army Amateur Rocket Liaison Program, has helped thousands of young people to prepare themselves for careers in the new science of rocketry.

In this book he tells you how to organize your own group for rocket experimentation. He shows you how, for a few dollars, you can design and build rockets that will surpass the best performance of rockets built by pioneer scientists. In step-by-step directions he outlines safe procedures for rocket testing and firing. And in the final chapter he tells how to evaluate accurately the performance of your rocket so that you gain the maximum of information.