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Time Probe: The Sciences in Science Fiction

Edited by Arthur C. Clarke

Cover artist: Paul Lehr

Publisher: Dell

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 75¢


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Cover tagline

From astronomy to cybernetics, from physics to biology, from Asimov to Vance — a connoisseur's collection..."the best in the genre!"
—The New York Times

Back cover text

Major: Science Fiction

Arthur C. Clarke, famed Dean of Science-Fiction, has prepared an outstanding eleven-star course in scientific and technological entertainments. Each story concerns an aspect of science or technology — archaeology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, cybernetics, detereology, exobiology, mathematics, medicine, physics and physiology.

Included on the honor roll:

Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Murray Leinster, Cyril Kornbluth, Theodore L. Thomas, Philip Latham, James H. Schmitz, Jack Vance, Robert Silverberg, Julian Huxley, and the Master himself Arthur C. Clarke.

"Vivid tales filled with ingenious science, dashing narrative drive and a sense of wonder."

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Interior text

Bugged by Biology?

Read Julian Huxley's "The Tissue-Culture King" for an extraordinary new look at life.

Find the New Math old hat?

Read Robert A. Heinlein's "—And He built A Crooked House" and discover an un-square route out.

Tired of being handed the same old Meteorological line?

Read Theodore L. Thomas' "The Weather Man" — the change of climate is refreshingly chilling.

Arthur C. Clarke's Time Probe: The Sciences in Science Fiction a unique excursion into the fantasy world of scientific fact with some of the most imaginative denizens of the realm.