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Who Speaks of Conquest?

by Lan Wright

Cover artist: Stanley Meltzoff

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1957

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

The Galaxy's ultimatum was: "Earthmen, go back!"

Back cover text

Part of an Ace Double: The Earth in Peril

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Interior text

A thousand to one against Terra!

Earth faced a choice between eventual colonization at the hands of a ruthless aggressor or immediate action against the whole galaxy! And Stephen Brady, Commander of the Terran forces, was the man to make that decision of cosmic importance.

Behind the immediate enemy — the Centaurans — the diabolical Rihnans ruled with unchallenged might, backed by the most advanced psychological and technological weapons. To attack now would be the greatest challenge the Earth would ever have to meet!

The odds were deadly, but Brady knew that if he would not speak now for conquest, he — and all Earth — might remain silent in defeat for all eternity!

Cast of characters

Stephen Brady
It was his human ingenuity alone against an unknown world of interstellar destruction.

Hugo Bannerman
If his daring gamble against the Rihnans didn't pay off, he'd be a President without a country.

Lieutenant Murphy
Brady's second in command and first line of defense.

The Being from Rihnan
He could read Brady's mind like a book — but he couldn't recognize the handwriting on the wall.

The Intelligence from Alkora
"The meek shall inherit the Earth" — and so he made it come to pass.

Ben Wilson
As a scientist he believed that imitation was the surest form of success.