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The Big Book of Science Fiction

Edited by Groff Conklin

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 50¢


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Clifford D. Simak
Theodore Sturgeon
Murray Leinster
Lester Del Rey
Fritz Leiber
Ray Bradbury
C.M. Kornbluth
and others

Back cover text

Del Rey

Groff Conklin's Big Book of Science Fiction contains outstanding stories by the authors listed above: a few of their subjects:

The story of the last survivor of a once-mighty race who is discovered by explorers on the Moon...

What happens when a quiet professor of economics suddenly finds himself thrust thousands of years into the future...

A battle to the death between a man and an alien which was to decide the future of both races...

"The level throughout is quite high, making the book a worthy companion to the editor's previous collection, The Treasury of Science Fiction."
—San Francisco Chronicle

You'll also want to read Astounding Tales of Space and Time edited by John W. Campbell, Jr. Lambda I, edited by John Carnell.

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Interior text

In this book you'll read about Mr. Field....

A rich man with a vision, who saw that space was too big for the writers of his day (2257 A.D.) to handle. So he financed a time switch and lifted Thomas Wolfe from his deathbed in Baltimore (1938 A.D.). Then he sent Wolfe off to Mars in a space ship, praying that the time lines would hold long enough for Wolfe to turn out one more novel.

"....the Martian cities, immense and unbelievable, as numerous as stones thrown from some great mountain in a rushing and incredible avalanche, resting at last in shining mounds..." wrote Wolfe. "The odors of Mars, the cinnamons and cold spice winds, the winds of cloudy dust and winds of powerful bone and ancient pollen...."

"Don't die, Tom!" screamed Field. "Keep on writing!"

"For an aficionado audience, this is good value."
—Virginia Kirkus