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Soviet Science Fiction

by various

Cover artist: Don Punchatz

Publisher: Collier

Pub year: 1971

Cover price: 95¢


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From Russia — and wild! Six hold-on-to-your-hat stories by the best Soviet science fiction writers

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Science Fiction a la Russe:
Hoity-Toity by Alexander Belayev
Spontaneous Reflex by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
A Visitor from Outer Space by Alexander Kazantsev
The Martian by Alexander Kazantsev
Infra Draconis by Georgy Gurevich
Professor Bern's Awakening by Vladimir Savchenko

Soviet Science Fiction offers a rare opportunity to read first-rate science fiction from a country that until only recently condemned most writings of this genre. Although the scope of these inventive and suspenseful stories is universal, the flavor is distinctly Russian. The unpredictable protagonists range from a temperamental professor who deep-freezes himself and comes back to life 18,000 years later, to a moody Martian who wants to go home to Mars, to a dancing, vodka-drinking, human-brained elephant named Hoity-Toity. The stories they set in motion, in the finest tradition of good science fiction, make the fantastic seem astonishingly possible and the possible utterly fantastic. And they offer a unique glimpse of the Russian view of life in the future — a life not far off, but very far out.

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