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Invaders of Earth

Edited by Groff Conklin

Cover artist: Morton Roberts

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 25¢


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Cover tagline

15 exciting stories of invasion from outer space

Back cover text

Headlines of Tomorrow!

Martian Land in New Jersey

Galactic Virus Takes Over Man's Body

Writer Rides in Flying Saucer

Here are fifteen stories about the most fascinating science fiction subject of today — the invasion of our planet by creatures from other worlds.

Here are fifteen top-notch science fiction writers who relate in vivid and shocking detail adventures that could take place tomorrow.

One of these stories is Invasion from Mars by Howard Koch which terrified tens of thousands when broadcast by Orson Welles. The other fourteen are equally startling.

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Interior text

Invaders of Earth is a book to curl your hair — fifteen remarkable and imaginative tales of invasion from outer space by such science fiction masters as:

Theodore Sturgeon
Edgar Pangborn
Howard Koch
William Tenn
Katherine MacLean
Murray Leinster

This edition contains 15 of the 22 stories which appeared in the original, cloth-bound anthology Invaders of Earth published by the Vanguard Press, Inc.