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Science Fiction Omnibus

Edited by Groff Conklin

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 50¢


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Here is a classic collection of science fiction masterpieces by some of the top authors in the field.

"As a pioneer editor of notable anthologies, Mr. Conklin played a noble part in bringing science fiction to the attention of the general reader."
—New York Times

"Conklin has gathered the best in science fiction for the past two decades and arranged it in one collection. I found the collection fascinatingly realistic."
—Tulsa World

"The editor, Groff Conklin, is a master at compiling the best there is, and this volume rates four stars for sheer entertainment."
—Boston Traveler

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The Color Out Of Space — From the infinite depths of space and time it came to blast a countryside into fear and terror.

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Spectator Sport — He traveled into the far future and found a society with a strange new way of life.

Lester Del Rey's
Instinct — When the world is populated by robots, and mankind is only a built-in memory, the race can still survive.

Isaac Asimov's
Homo Sol — In a galaxy-wide culture the discovery of Earth could pose some serious problems.