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Worlds of When

Edited by Groff Conklin

Cover artist: John Schoenherr

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

Five short novels of improbable todays and possible tomorrows

Back cover text

In these five novels, five famous science-fiction writers explore what could happen...


...Man discovers the secret of his evolution — and the time bomb it contains! (Transfusion)

...the Moon becomes the world's hospital — for those who can pay the price! (Death and the Senator)

...Utopia is world-wide — and so in the nightmare it brings! (The Rations of Tantalus)

...we try to become citizens of the Universe — and find that the Universe as some nasty tricks up its sleeve! (Bullet with his Name)

...the desert blooms again — until the politicians move in! (Farmer)

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Interior text

Science-Fiction is Science —

—Stories of new discoveries in medicine, physics, astronomy ... in every area of science ... and the momentous effects they will have!

Science-Fiction is Fiction —

—Vivid stories of men and women ... and alien Beings ... in conflict with each other and with the Universe!

And this collection of short novels by today's top writers is...

Science-Fiction at its Best!