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The Planet Explorer

by Murray Leinster

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1957

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

One man's mission into space and time — The famous "Hugo" prize-winner for the year, awarded by the World Science Fiction Convention

Back cover text

You Are There —

Centuries, eons from now the peculiar, fantastic, astounding MIND OF MAN will conquer strange new worlds, presently beyond the reaches of imagination — and probe the meaning of the central core of infinity with instruments of incredible scientific precisions!

You Are There!

In the far-off era when man will defy gravity, space, time — to explore the UNIVERSE and make immensity HIS OWN!

About the author: Murray Leinster is widely acknowledged by fans as the "Dean of Science Fiction" and even as "Mr. Science Fiction." LIFE has reported that he reads more technical literature than most research scientists. He is also a successful inventor in his own right.

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Interior text

Worlds and Worlds

Eons from now, MAN will hurtle through the void in gravity-defying ships across light years of distance to far-flung planets ... and more staggering yet, he will COLONIZE these islands in the unimaginably vast ocean of space. There will be worlds, and worlds, such as —

LANI III — a glacier-land warmed by man

XOSA II — a shining desert made green by man

LOREN II — an inferno of beasts, tamed by man

The fascinating, heroic story of a trail-blazer to the unknown — outer-space service officer Bordman, who uses incredible knowledge and skill to make the star-flung outposts of civilization ready to receive new, vast surges of humanity!