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War With The Newts

by Karel Capek

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 35¢


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Here is a great novelist's electrifying story of what might happen to our world tomorrow. With breathtakingly bold vision, Karel Capek gives us a prophetic classic as powerful as 1984, as startling and vivid as Brave New World.

Back cover text

A world-famous all-time science-fiction classic

The incredible story of mankind's greatest discovery — NEWTS.

Newts, it seemed, were harmless, useful and simple to train. They were very eager to please. They learned easily; they bred quickly; they prospered under practically any conditions.

Utopia had arrived — for humans.

But then the newts began to understand their own strength — and mankind's weakness!

Here is a prophetic novel of a world so greedy that it gladly nourished the seeds of its own destruction....

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Interior text

Tomorrow Sometimes Comes

Aldous Huxley, with BRAVE NEW WORLD, H.G. Wells, George Orwell, Jules Verne — these are epoch-making originators of science-fiction.

Karel Capek is another such originator, one of the true science-fiction greats. In his play, R.U.R., he invented the Robot, a pivotal concept of modern science-fiction.

WAR WITH THE NEWTS is Capek's great novel — a work of science-fiction with astounding implications for the whole world today!