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Four from Planet 5

by Murray Leinster

Cover artist: Paul Lehr

Publisher: Fawcett Gold Medal

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

The strange visitors had landed. Why had they come, and what unknown terror would they bring upon our world?

Back cover text

The radio and television stations of the world carried the short, terrifying statement: The visitors were telepaths.

These children from another time, another planet, were able to read human minds. They were utterly invincible.

And they were infinitely dreaded....

In the Pentagon and the Kremlin, leaders were grim with the awareness that all military secrets would be exposed.... The overlords of the underworld realized the children could smash their most profitable rackets.... And even ordinary citizens shuddered at the prospect of their shabby sins being found out.

So four small children came to be hated by the entire world.

A whole civilization wanted them dead.

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Interior text

First, there was a sudden, agonized, static-like noise which for three whole seconds absorbed all the electric power generated over the entire world. Then the radar flashed and wavered, laboring to track down a thing which didn't exist — an object which seemed to evolve out of nothing. Then there was a ground concussion — but the seismograph showed that the pattern of the concussion waves was completely inverted. The waves had progressed in reverse form, which was impossible because all ground waves have the same pattern — always!

Something had landed. And soon everyone would know of the cargo it carried ... a cargo of four strange children who would master the fate of the world.