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Second Stage Lensmen

by E.E. "Doc" Smith

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1970

Cover price: 75¢


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Cover tagline

A space spy's astonishing interplanetary adventure

Back cover text

Warrior Telepath Interplanetary Spy

Kim Kinnison was Number One man of his time. To him fell the incredible assignment of infiltrating the inner circle of Boskone. Kinnison's deadly job was to become a loyal Boskonian in every gesture, thought and deed. He had to work himself up through the ranks of an enemy alien organization, into the highest echelons of power — until it was he who would be issuing the orders that would destroy his own civilization!

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Interior text

The Brains Behind Boskone

Time and again the Galactic Patrol had defeated the brilliant, elusive forces of Boskone. The space pirates' home base was crushed, its leaders destroyed. Then, mysteriously, powerful Boskonian bases sprang up anew throughout the galaxy, and the elite corps of Lensmen were forced to face the truth: that minds mightier than their own, operating from an unknown planet, were waging a final war for supremacy in space — and were on the way to winning!