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Planet Big Zero

by Franklin Hadley

Cover artist: Ralph Brillhart

Publisher: Monarch

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

A Terrifying Tale of War Between Two Worlds

Back cover text

Planet Big Zero

In the past few months, 18 Terran ships had vanished from the galaxy. Terra had to find out what — or who — was behind it.

Lieutenant Ted Narly of the Terran Defense Corps discovered the cause: a new totalitarian empire of Deotians, determined to take revenge for their defeat in the Great Wars thirty years before.

Taken captive, Narly was escorted to the secret Deotian empire, Planet Big Zero, a huge black nebula with only one entrance — a cone-shaped funnel with a curtain of fire at the end.

Narly knew if the Terran fleet attempted to attack through the funnel, every ship would be destroyed. It was up to him to save mankind from destruction ... but what could one man do against a hate-filled enemy bent on mastery of the universe?

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Interior text

Alone in Space

Narly glanced in the view screen and saw a huge Deotian battlewagon bearing down on the Saturn. It was less than 20 miles away.

There was no mistaking what the Deotian spaceship had in mind. It was going to destroy the Saturn. Narly quickly ordered the battle stations manned.

Guns flashed, but even as they fired, the Saturn shuddered under the impact of destructive beams from the Deotian ship. Oxygen began whistling out of the craft as another beam hit.

Narly saw the cabin walls spread apart. A crack opened under his feet, and a table, loosened by the blast, struck him in the chest and pushed him through it.

Then Narly found himself in space with the Saturn going to pieces above his head....

Author's Profile

Franklin Hadley was born in Japlin, Mo., and received a B.S. degree from Kansas State Teachers College.

Among his occupations, he has been an English teacher, a newspaperman with the Miami, Oklahoma, News-Herald, Kansas City Star and Albuquerque Journal and now teaches adult education classes and sells plastic mailboxes to newspapers.

He is a one-time member of the Colorado Science Fiction Society and has written close to 100 science fiction short stories and novelettes.