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Chilling Stories from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone

by Rod Serling

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Tempo

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 60¢


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Book detail for Chilling Stories from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone

Cover tagline

Thrilling tales from the supernatural especially written for young people

Back cover text

Open the book, read the pages and enter The Twilight Zone if you dare!

For here in the half world, reality is suspended and what has happened, what will happen, what might happen are mingled, blended, and become more real than the facts of history or science. Your own imagination tells you that the occult and the inexplicable do exist. Logic says that bizarre and fantastic events such as these could not happen — but they might!

Such is the gift of Rod Serling, creator of The Twilight Zone, that he has stimulated the imaginations of millions of televisions viewers who have since become eager participants in his explorations into the unknown.

Now the Twilight Zone is explored again, in a collection of stories as new and fresh as tomorrow, as ancient as the great myths. The facts of history, of science, of human behavior present themselves, but with the twist, the startling and suspenseful conclusion that makes you wonder whether there just might be a reason why man has cherished his ghost stories through the ages.

So come, enter The Twilight Zone and see for yourself that such things couldn't happen — but they might!

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Interior text

—these are but a few of the haunted people who inhabit The Twilight Zone, that fantastic other-world between the Here and the There.

Millions of enthralled viewers have sat riveted before their television sets as Rod Serling spun his weird tales of bizarre events too strange to be believed, too grippingly real to be doubted. Now some of the most macabre stories are here, to be read with the same feeling of wonder, as you fall under the spell of vampires and ghosts, death masks and all manner of psychic phenomena.

Do you dare explore this eerie region?