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Stories from The Twilight Zone

by Rod Serling

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1970

Cover price: 75¢


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Book detail for Stories from The Twilight Zone

Cover tagline

The celebrated, fabulous collection of weird, eerie, wonderful tales

Back cover text

Rod Serling Explores the Twilight Zone

It lies somewhere between the day and the darkness, between sleeping and waking, reality and illusion. It's a place inhabited by outlandish people where strange things happen—

Meet Casey, the mighty lefthander, who pitched like nothing human, because he wasn't; Walter Bedeker, who wanted to live forever, till he tasted eternity; Franklin Gibbs, who was robbed and murdered by a slot machine; Martin Sloan, who got lost between then and now — and many, many others, in The Twilight Zone.

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Interior text

Weather Report from The Twilight Zone

Temperature: uncanny, bone-chilling cold

Visibility: unlimited to the farthest reaches of infinity

Winds: fresh breezes of eerie madness increased to the point of sheer unbearableness

Forecast: delirious, heartstopping pleasure for every connoisseur of the strange, the wonderful, and the unexpected.