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More Stories From The Twilight Zone

by Rod Serling

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1961

Cover price: 35¢


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By tremendous popular demand — more breathtaking stories of fantasy and imagination by the most sensational TV dramatist of today

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"Rod Serling can take his place with John Collier, Shirley Jackson, and Ray Bradbury as tops in the field."
Hartford Courant

The Twilight Zone means many things to the hugely imaginative and talented Rod Serling. It can mean a time-space "warp," a state of mind, a day somebody wishes never, never happened. But whatever twist Mr. Serling's fancy takes, his story is colored with a weird, dreamy quality that will change your pulse beat — and perhaps your feeling about life.

Rod Serling's overwhelmingly popular TV series The Twilight Zone appears every week on the CBS Television Network.

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Interior text

You can't plan things in The Twilight Zone—

You might get on a plane bound for New York and find yourself trying to land at Idlewild in a field full of grazing dinosaurs.

You might sit down ready to pound your typewriter and find your typewriter pounding you.

Or you might woo and win the only woman left on your planet and, after a week of bliss, discover that she runs on electronics.

Chances are you won't ever have to live in The Twilight Zone, but it's fun to wander in once in a while and see how soft grim old reality is!