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Destination Infinity

by Henry Kuttner

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1956

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A race of mutants stood between man and the stars!

Back cover text

Henry Kuttner is "among the most imaginative, technically skilled and literarily adroit of all today's science-fantasy writers."
New York Herald Tribune

Far beneath the turbulent seas of Venus lived all that remained of humanity. Earth was gone — a fast-fading atomic nova in the evening sky.

In the dome-shaped underseas cities of the second planet, man had developed his genius for automation to undreamed heights. Life on Venus was peaceful, secure — and dull! And that was the way the Immortals — the all-powerful race who ruled humanity — wanted it.

But then Sam Reed, driven by energies and ambitions which had almost been forgotten by mankind, came along with a plan to colonize the untamed surface of Venus as the first step in man's flight to Infinity. Opposed by the lethargy of the people and the fierce hatred of the Immortals, Sam Reed single-handedly challenged his destiny in a titanic struggle against the jungles of Venus and the most powerful race in the Universe!

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Interior text

From here to Infinity —

"This is truly one of the great imaginative epics of our time.

"Today we are just beginning to struggle up into the sea of air and out into the unknown terrors of outer space.

"However, in this brilliant, turbulent novel of far tomorrows, a struggle infinitely more difficult is taking place as the remnants of humanity, frozen in a tradition ridden civilization in the strange watery depths of the Venusian seas, struggle to the surface and from there, once again, to the stars."

— Groff Conklin
Science-Fiction Anthologist