Vital statistics

Mutiny in Space

by Avram Davidson

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Pyramid

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 60¢


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Book detail for Mutiny in Space

Cover tagline

Castaways of the universe — marooned on a lost planet of war-crazed females!

Back cover text

Rond and his crew had been left to die slowly on an unknown planet.

As they moved warily through the alien forest they heard the eerie rhythms coming toward them.

Then they saw the grotesque figures.


Masked, brandishing gleaming swords, rattling their terrible death drums, howling with the fury of some primitive blood lust — and they were attacking!

As the scarlet waves of growling women approached, Rond and his men began to run — back into the dark forest of looming horror....

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Interior text


Starship Persephone is no longer the property of the Guild. It is no longer under command of FORMER Captain Rond. Starship Persephone is now the property of her crew — YOU AND ME, GUYS...."

The mutiny was over — and the officers sent off to the nearest planer in a lifecraft. But neither mutineers nor the abandoned officers could foresee that there would be another encounter — and a bloody war to settle the destiny of a world.