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The Lights in the Sky are Stars

by Fredric Brown

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

A great novel of man's ceaseless drive to new frontiers — the time 1997, the goal the stars!

Back cover text


Yes, I'm Max Andrews. I'm one of the guys who fought and bled and worked to get to Mars. I figure what I gave up in those early years bought me the right to pilot the next big jump.

I've lied and stolen for that right. I'd have killed too, but I didn't have to. Instead, I let a woman give her life so I could have my chance, my door to space.

You think I'd stop at anything, now?

I'll be on that rocket, blasting away on America's biggest adventure, the hop out into the stars themselves...

Only Fred Brown could have written this deeply moving science-fiction novel about one man's epic, life-long struggle to open mankind's pathway to the stars....

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Interior text

The year is 1997 the man is Max Andrews

He has known the wonder of rockets blasting off into space — the terrible joy of conquering the unknown.

He has tasted the dry alien air of Mars, and has helped others reach Venus and the Moon.

He is a man who lives only to touch the stars — a man who will not be stopped by the timid and the envious — the earthbound who would keep him from the lights in the sky.

"Outstanding ... one of the best possible introductions to the era of space."
New York Herald Tribune